Varner Creek Utility District
A Political Sub-Division of the State of Texas 
Located in Columbia Lakes
Contact Varner Creek Utility District at 
(979) 459-1111

Fax (979) 345-6075

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Current Water and Sewer Service Rates

Procedure for Establishing Water Service
Existing Construction
   To establish water and sewer service in Columbia Lakes, you must go to the District Administrator's office at 1st Capital Business Services. You will be required to show a current driver’s license and pay a deposit of $75 for homeowners and $100 for renters. Builders are required to pay a $75 deposit.

   Water usage is read using Smart Meter cellular upload technology.  All billing services are provided by 1st Capital Business Services.  Bills are mailed on the 5th of each month and due by the 20th to avoid late payment penalties. Payment may be made by check, bank draft, or credit card.  Credit cards are accepted online, by phone, or at 1st Capital Business Services. Credit card payments incur a minimum $2.00 processing fee.  

   NSF checks incur a service charge of $25 and are collected by the Varner Creek Utility District Administrator at 1st Capital Business Services. Checks not paid are added back to water service accounts. 

   Cut-off for seriously delinquent accounts are approved at the regular Board of Directors meeting each month. Reconnect fees are $25 payable at 1st Capital Business Services during regular business hours.  There is currently no after-hours reconnect service available.
Water & Sewer Tap Application for New Construction